Adrianna Crossing


Adrianna will be entering her third year at Michigan State University’s school psychology doctoral program this fall. She is very excited to be volunteering for Confident Kids Camp for a third summer! Aside from participating in camp, she also has experience working with elementary school and middle school kids through research involvement and practicum in school settings. At Michigan State University, Adrianna serves as project director for an evaluation of Parent Support Partner services in the state of Michigan. This project aims to see how well this service helps parents and families of children with emotional and intellectual disabilities. Her research and clinical training interests include selective mutism, anxiety and depression, and childhood trauma. She also studies issues related to race and culture in a variety of contexts, including equity of access to services, race-related psychological distress, and cultural responsiveness in psychological practice. After completing her training, Adrianna hopes to specialize in treating selective mutism, as well as childhood posttraumatic stress, anxiety and depression.

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