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Educational Consulting Services

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Educational Consulting Services

Imagine your child learning in a safe and supportive environment, enthusiastic to get out your front door for school each day. Kimberly Gardner is an education consultant dedicated to helping parents identify appropriate educational plans for their child who may learn differently or have not found success in traditional learning environments.

It was so nice meeting with you! You provided me with lots of information and encouragement. I appreciate it! I also really appreciated that you shared a bit about your own life and children. It made me feel very comfortable. It was nice to see and it is not always like that. Many professionals I see never want to share anything about themselves. Thanks for being real!
— Anonymous Client

Step One:

Meet with your family for an initial meeting to identify the special needs of your child (including strengths and weaknesses and learning styles).  You will spend 60-90 minutes discussing your child’s history and development in his/her learning environment.  Kimberly’s goal in this initial meeting is to become comfortable with your child’s struggles with learning difficulties, social and emotional challenges.




Step Two:

Evaluate your child’s educational background to help locate a school with the best services and educational environment, to include; assistive technology, reading recovery, and speech programs, recording school lessons, talk to text technologies, and one on one mentoring, resistance bands on desk and more. 

Step Three:

Reconnect during the consulting meeting to identify and connect you with appropriate schools and programs. With Kimberly’s extensive research and understanding of the surrounding area schools, you will work together to start your child on a productive developmental path.

If desired, follow up with your child’s progress, and identify additional educational opportunities to provide the best possible future for your child.