What insurance do we accept?

Thriving Minds accepts Traditional and PPO Blue Cross Blue Shield. We make every effort to determine the coverage of patients; however, we also ask that patients explore their own coverage and are knowledgeable about co-pays and deductibles prior to the first appointment.

Out-of-Network: Thriving Minds is an “out-of-network” provider for all other insurance carriers. We are sensitive to clients’ needs for affordable mental health care and can help clients navigate the process of submitting claims for reimbursement.

Navigating Out-of-Network: To determine if your insurance company will reimburse you for payments made to Thriving Minds, ask if you have “out-of-network benefits” for mental health services and, if so, at what percentage you will be reimbursed for each session. You may also have out-of-network benefits that would cover all or a percentage of our fees.  Most patients report obtaining 60-100% coverage out-of-network.  If you’d like to find out whether your insurance company will reimburse you for the cost of therapy or testing with us you should contact your insurance company.

Some of the questions you might ask:

  • Do I have out of network benefits to see a licensed psychologist?

  • If so, what percentage of the session fee do you cover?

  • What is the deductible, and how much of the deductible have I met?

  • How do I access the form(s) needed to submit a request for reimbursement?

Insurance companies use procedure codes to reimburse for specific services. Here is a list of some common codes:

  • 90791 (60-90 minutes) = Intake appointment

  • 90834 (45 minutes) = Individual Psychotherapy

  • 90837 (60 minutes) = Individual Psychotherapy (most frequently used code for therapy at Thriving Minds)

  • 90846 (60 minutes) = Family Therapy without client

  • 90847 (60 minutes) = Family Therapy with client

  • 96101 (60 minutes) = Psychological Testing. Please note that testing time includes scoring, interpretation, report writing and time spent contacting other professionals, in addition to face-to-face meetings.


(Please note that payment is due at the time of service. Thriving Minds accepts cash, checks, credit cards, and Health Savings Account credit cards/checks.)


Initial Consultation (60 -90 min) – $120-$300* (Insurance Procedure Code 90791)
Therapy Session (60 min) – $120-$200* (Insurance Procedure Code 90837 for individual sessions, 90847 for family sessions, and 90846 for parent sessions)


Testing and other Therapy Prices vary based on individual need and will be discussed prior to or at time of service.


Travel Fee: $0.55/mile traveled
Service Fee: $170/hour (prorated for time spent past the first hour)

*Fees charged will depend upon insurance plan.  Please note that costs are without consideration of insurance. If insurance covers services, you will be billed your copay at the time of treatment.




Since your appointment time is reserved specifically for you, 24 hours notice of a cancellation is required to avoid being charged a fee of $100 per missed session.  Occasional exceptions occur if it is agreed that a late cancellation was unavoidable (e.g., illness, family emergency, etc).