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Pediatric Health Psychology


NEW SERVICE: Pediatric Health Psychology


A pediatric health psychologist specializes in assessing and treating the psychological aspects of chronic or acute illness. Goals of therapy often include understanding the psychological impact of a new medical diagnosis, improving children’s quality of life, increasing adherence to prescribed medical treatments, removing barriers to proper adherence, and lessening the impact of an illness on a child and family’s well being.


Our goal is to take a multidisciplinary approach to treatment. With your permission and a signed release of information, we will work collaboratively with your medical team.



We provide pediatric health psychology services for:

-          Poor adherence to treatment regimen

-          Acceptance of new illness

-          Management of chronic pain

-          Emotional or behavioral challenges related to chronic or acute illness

-          Coping with Procedural anxiety, phobia, and pain

-          Evaluation of emotional and academic functioning

-          School avoidance

-          School advocacy


We provide psychological support for children and adolescents with:

-          Diabetes

-          Chronic Headaches and other chronic pain

-          Incontinence and Elimination Disorders

-          Complex medical and developmental History

-          Needle phobia and procedural anxiety

-          Anxiety related to food allergies

-          Conversion Disorder

-          Sickle Cell Anemia

-          Cystic Fibrosis

-          And more.