May SM Newsletter

Relaxation training is a common behavioral intervention for anxiety. Specifically, learning how to relax your mind and body is valuable for decreasing symptoms of anxiety. For children with Selective Mutism, who likely experience symptoms of anxiety on a daily basis, relaxation techniques can be especially beneficial. Below are some common relaxation techniques.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation: tense then release every muscle in your body starting with your face and working your way down to your toes! See this video for a kid-friendly muscle relaxation walkthrough!

Visualizationclose your eyes and imagine you are at your favorite place.  For example, imagine you are on the beach. What do you feel (e.g., sand in toes, water splashing on body, warmth of the sun)? What do you see (e.g., dolphins jumping, people playing catch, someone surfing, boat riding by)? What do you hear (e.g., waves crashing, wind blowing, birds chirping)? What do you smell (e.g., fresh air, salt water, sunscreen)?

Mindfulness/Yoga: Cosmic Kids Yoga provides engaging yoga videos to help kids relax their minds AND bodies!

Deep Breathing: see the below infographic for an example of star breathing and visit Coping Skills for Kids for more themed breathing exercises!


Testimonials from parents whose children participated in intensive-dose interventions with Katelyn Reed, MS, LLP

"A substitute teacher had to intervene in the cafeteria because my daughter spent too much time talking that she left her lunch untouched. I never thought I'd be so happy to hear my daughter got into trouble!"

"Our son has recently received the 3 Day In-School Intensive Treatment by Ms. Katelyn Reed, and she has literally changed his life."

"If you are considering this treatment, do not wait any longer. Take the leap and move forward. It may very well change your son or daughter’s life."

“You truly changed the path of our lives, and I will forever be grateful for you.”

“I am so incredibly grateful I found you.”

Contact Katelyn Reed, MS, LLP at or 734-433-5100, or visit to learn more about in-clinic or in-school intensives!

Date/Time: June 27th from 10:00am-1:00pm

Location: Thriving Minds Family Services (350 N Main St, Ste. 200, Chelsea, MI)

We are excited to host a summer lemonade stand which will benefit the Get Loud with Lemonade initiative and the Selective Mutism Association! Participants will build their bravery by talking to their fellow participants and our customers as we sell lemonade. To learn more or to register, please contact Katelyn Reed, M.S. at

Confident Kids Camp is a 5-day, intensive group therapy program designed to help prepare children with Selective Mutism for the upcoming academic year and to grow in their bravery. Our camp utilizes one-on-one support and group therapeutic techniques in simulated classroom environments to give campers the opportunity to practice verbal communication skills with other children and adults.

Daily camp activities attempt to mirror a regular classroom day, with the goal of significant increases in verbal communication through practice, shaping, desensitization, and rewards systems. These significant increases have been shown to generalize well to child's school setting when they return soon after the end of camp. Visit us at to learn more about our camp staff, view FAQ, and review CKC outcome data.

New in 2019!

We have long worked with adolescents and teens with SM in individual weekly and intensive treatment, and we are excited to announce that we are launching Confident Teens Camp in 2019 and will accept adolescents and teens with SM who are 13-15 to participate in a uniquely- and developmentally- designed camp experience!

We will continue to accept campers with Selective Mutism who are ages 4-12 for CKC.

CKC 2019 Details

When: Monday, July 29th - Friday, August 2nd, 2019, 9am-3pm daily

Where: Shepherd of the Lakes School in Brighton, Michigan

Want to confirm that your child would be a good fit? We offer a free 15 minute consultation for families interested in CKC and our other SM treatment options.

We participate with BCBS insurance and are able to submit a portion of the camp fees directly to insurance. For those with other insurance plans, we provide all of the necessary documentation to seek reimbursement for your child’s treatment in camp.

In order to register your child or teen for CKC, please contact Clesha at our Brighton office at 810-225-3417.


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