Expert Evaluation and Treatment for Selective Mutism

The therapists at Thriving Minds are highly trained and experienced in the treatment of Selective Mutism, a childhood anxiety disorder. Children with Selective Mutism have great difficulty speaking or communicating in public or social settings (school, extracurricular activities, extended family), but can speak in comfortable situations (e.g., in the home or with immediate family). Thriving Minds offers weekly treatment, school consultation, parent training, and intensive interventions at both of their locations. Visit for more information.

Intensive In-Clinic or In-School Intervention:

Many children need more intensive intervention or intervention directly in the location where muteness is occurring – the school setting. Weekly treatment session in the school can take months of even years, and this can be critical time lost both academically and socially for a child with Selective Mutism. New research is finding that intensive interventions are a wonderful option for children with Selective Mutism. Intensive intervention can be 3, 4, or 5 days in length, and typically entail 4-6 hours of intervention each day (including evaluation, direct intervention with the child, parent training, consultation with the school/current psychotherapist, etc.). Carried out in the clinic or the child’s school, these behavioral interventions:

  • reduce warm-up time

  • allow for faster progression toward speech (4 days as opposed to months or years!)

  • may reduce the need for a long-term pull-out program (and the potential disruptions to the child’s schedule that individual intervention involves)

  • returns the child to adaptive, appropriate functioning more quickly

  • reduces frustration of lengthy treatment

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