Heather Schmitt, Ph. D.


Dr. Heather Schmitt is a Limited License Psychologist (LLP) who specializes in treatment and assessment of emotional and behavioral disorders in children and adolescents. She earned her master’s and doctorate degrees from Michigan State University. Dr. Schmitt also trained at the Boys Town Behavioral Health Clinic, where she worked with at-risk residential treatment adolescents as well as Omaha-area children and families as part of an APA-accredited program. Dr. Schmitt has extensive experience in behavioral consultation, including work with school-based professionals, caseworkers, and other mental health providers.

Dr. Schmitt uses evidence-based interventions such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), behavioral parent training, and mindfulness-based approaches. Her clinical specialties include anxiety, depression, disruptive behavior problems, ADHD, adjustment disorders, and sleep difficulties. Dr. Schmitt applies therapeutic approaches rooted in research while considering individual needs and characteristics of each client with whom she works. Known for her warm and friendly approach, she is an advocate for strengths-based family involvement in treatment to promote the success of children and adolescents.

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