Confident Kids Camp


Confident Kids Camp is a 5-day, intensive therapy program designed to help prepare children with Selective Mutism for the upcoming academic year. 


What is Confident Kids Camp?

“I feel hopeful about my son’s future! I believe that he will be able to speak freely and confidently in time and this week is the first step...Thank you, thank you!”
— -CKC Parent

This camp utilizes one-on-one support and group therapeutic techniques in simulated classroom environments to give campers the opportunity to practice verbal communication skills with other children and adults.

Each child will be paired with an adult counselor, trained by Dr. Kotrba in behavioral intervention. Daily camp activities attempt to mirror a regular classroom day, with the goal of significant increases in verbal communication through practice, shaping, desensitization, and rewards systems.  These significant increases have been shown to generalize well to child's school setting when they return soon after the end of camp.


Confident Kid Camp Results

Twenty six children and their families participated in 2017 Confident Kids Camp (CKC). Congratulations again to our campers! Before the start of camp, all parents/caregivers filled out a questionnaire called the Selective Mutism Questionnaire (SMQ). The SMQ is the only diagnostic and assessment tool designed specifically for identifying children and adolescents with Selective Mutism (SM). This makes it the single best indicator of change related to symptoms of SM. After graduating from CKC, we sent another SMQ to all caregivers to see how our campers were doing. About 88% of families returned the follow-up survey, and below are the results!

Campers Improved At School

71% campers improved at school

Campers Improved At Home/With Family

93% campers improved at home/with family

Campers Improved In The Community

79% campers improved in the community

Average Increases Of Communication Frequency By Setting:


Confidence Kids Camp 2017 Data

  • Average of a 27.3% increase (range: 1-3) in communication scores related to speaking at school

  • Average of a 16.1% increase (range: 1.4-3) in communication scores related to speaking at home

  • Average of a 39% increase (range: 0.4-2.6) in communication scores related to speaking in the community

  • Average of a 24.7% increase in communication scores related to speaking across all settings

Parental Satisfaction

Thank You

"Well written manual, appreciated feedback q&a time, your patience, everything was well presented, everything was great :)"

16 parents provided anonymous feedback about their experiences and satisfaction with the various aspects of CKC. Here are their responses.


75% were very satisfied and 25% were mostly satisfied with parent training received at CKC

81.3% reported that the time spent on parent training was enough to meet their needs


"All of the parents sharing their own experiences with their children. It really helps to know other people are going through the same thing and what has and has not worked for them."

"I loved almost everything about it. It's great to hear about the struggles other parents are facing, when at home, it feels like nobody else can understand how hard it is to get these children to partake in basic childhood experiences."

"I liked having the packet of information to discuss, listening to other parents with questions similar to our questions, learning about strategies and being able to ask questions."

General Feedback:

87.5% were very satisfied and 12.5% were mostly satisfied, overall, with CKC

87.5% would definitely recommend and 12.5% would likely recommend CKC to a friend's child who was in need of similar help


  • "The whole experience was great."

  • "A great camp! Very organized and well thought out."

  • "The location was great, Brighton had a lot of things to see & do (the folder was helpful). The childcare during parent sessions was super helpful. We loved the positive vibe. Our daughter looked forward to going each day despite all the demands that were being put on her."

  • "Staff and counselors were very approachable and very easy to talk to. Knowledgeable and great ideas that we can take home right away an implement."

  • "I liked the location. I liked the atmosphere. I liked the counselors. Most of all, I liked the help we received and the chance to meet other people with similar struggles. Thank you for a great week

Directors of Confident Kids Camp


Confident Kids Camp (CKC) Costs

Cost is $2,850* for 30 hours of intensive therapy.  The cost includes:

[Dr. Kotrba] has been awesome (again!) this week, teaching us all kinds of helpful information. How truly amazing you are at this SM stuff, how you never seem stumped by any questions...We are so lucky to have found you.
— CKC Parent

The initial 60-minute diagnostic intake interview and consultation (parents only) with a psychotherapist from our staff who is an expert in Selective Mutism.  

  • Lead-in sessions with a Selective Mutism therapist, the counselor, and one other camper (a pre-requisite of camp attendance).

  • 30 hours of therapy with an individual counselor providing customized treatment.  (See About CKC for more information on what is included.)

  • Field trips and activities associated with camp. 

  • Daily parent training meetings during the lunch hour of camp.

In terms of cost-effectiveness, the intensive treatment model of CKC allows for 30 hours of intervention in 5 days, instead of 30 hours of treatment in 30+ weeks of typical psychotherapy.  Additionally, 30 weeks of typical therapy would cost over $4,500 in comparison to $2,850 for CKC.  As a supplement to one-on-one therapy this is an excellent investment.  But most important, intensive summer therapy camps have been shown to provide quick, effective treatment that generalizes well to the school setting.

Some insurance plans may reimburse a portion of the costs of camp (approximately 30-40%, according to families who attended similar camps). Services provided are specific to each attendee, so actual services eligible for reimbursement can vary. Reimbursement amounts for all insurance plans vary and are not guaranteed. 

Insurance Coverage

CKC [Thriving Minds Behavioral Health] is in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO and Traditional plans for mental health services. This means that some services provided during camp may be eligible for reimbursement from BCBS (currently estimated to be 30%-40%).  The costs of camp that are not eligible for reimbursement will be required as a deposit to register for camp.  Families are encouraged to reach out to our billing manager, Joan, to help estimate the coverage and cost of CKC using Blue Cross Blue Shield (

Blue Cross Blue Shield members

CKC [Thriving Minds Behavioral Health] is considered out-of-network with all other insurance plans, and thus a deposit payment is required at the time of registration and the full cost of camp is due prior to the start of camp. Parents are encouraged to check with their insurance company to determine if they have out-of-network coverage for mental health services. Following the completion of camp or any services required prior to camp, Thriving Minds Behavioral Health will provide a receipt for all services that can be used to file claims with your insurance plan.

Non-Blue Cross Blue Shield members

The diagnostic code on the billing receipt will be F94.0  (Selective Mutism) and/or F40.10 (Social Phobia). You may need pre-authorization for this treatment, so be sure to contact your insurance company to find out more information about the pre-authorization process.

*Former patients or those currently in treatment at Thriving Minds receive a 10% discount off the price of Confident Kids Camp

Diagnostic Code

90791 - Initial Diagnostic Evaluation : A 60-minute intake interview with camp director or associate director and the child's parents. We will obtain background and necessary information to confirm a diagnosis, provide education and clarification, and create an individualized camp treatment plan.

90837 - Individual Psychotherapy Sessions for Camp Lead-Ins (Individual Meetings with Camp Director, counselor, and another camper): 60 min exposure sessions to desensitize the child to the camp director or associate director and the child's chosen counselor. These are necessary steps to attend the camp; once met, the child is considered ready to participate in CKC. It is unknown how many meetings will be necessary to meet this entry criteria for the camp, although most children are able to meet it within 3-4 sessions.  Camp costs include this expense unless more than 3 sessions are necessary. In those cases, additional lead-in sessions will be billed at at the current psychotherapy rate per session (approximately $150).

90785 – Interactive Complexity. This is an add-on code typically used for therapy services involving children.

Each day of camp, the child patient will receive:
-One 90837: 60 Minute Psychotherapy session
-One 90785: Add On for Interactive Complexity
These codes are typically billable to most insurance plans.

Procedure [CPT] Codes Used (for insurance reimbursement)


Frequently Asked Questions about Confident Kids Camp

The best way to tell if camp is full is by contacting Clesha, in our Brighton office, at (810) 225-3417. If camp is full, she can give you information about the wait list for camp and other possible treatment options. 

How can I tell if camp is full?

Lead-in sessions are conducted prior to CKC to provide an opportunity to establish speech between your child and his or her counselor. By having this session prior to camp, your child will enter the week more comfortable with his/her counselor and more prepared to make significant gains in verbal communication each day. The sessions last approximately two to three hours and take place in our offices in Brighton, Michigan. During this time, one of the camp directors will work with you and your child to establish speech to the greatest extent possible using behavioral intervention methods (stimulus fading and shaping). Then, the camp director will work with your child and his or her counselor to increase comfort and transfer that established speech to the counselor. 

How do lead-in sessions work?

Communication during the lead-in session is important, as we have structured activities and outings that we want all campers to be able to participate in during CKC. If we are continuing to work to establish speech during the camp itself, your child would lose out on important therapeutic activities.” For that reason, we will do all we can to facilitate your child’s speech during the lead-in session. If, despite everyone’s best efforts, your child in unable to communicate verbally (a relatively rare circumstance), one of two options will result based on the first lead-in. We will either (a) recommend scheduling an additional lead-in session for you child, or (b) provide you with documentation and recommendations for your child, as he or she may be better suited for other treatment options at this time. A portion of your camp fee will be refunded if your child is not able to attend camp. 

What if my child doesn’t talk during the lead-in session?

Keep your discussions about the lead-in sessions simple but honest. Let your child know that s/he will be meeting a few nice people and that everyone will playing games and getting to know each other. Your child may also feel more comfortable to know that a parent will be involved in the session until they feel comfortable with the CKC staff (unless otherwise indicated). When talking about the communication goal, you can let your child know that the adults will help them feel more brave, but avoid giving them the specifics that communicating in the session is a necessity. We don’t want to put even more pressure on your child who is likely already going to be experiencing some nerves. You can also increase his or her motivation to practice being brave in the lead-in by letting your child know that you can stop for a special treat on the way home (we have a great ice cream shop across the street from our clinic that usually motivates our campers). Feel free to also bring in any items from home that your child will be especially interested to play with during the lead-in session and that may help them feel more comfortable during the appointment.

How can I prepare my child for the lead-in session?

You can check out the location’s tab, it gives you a list of all the hotels cost to the camp location.

Where can I find Brighton hotels?

Parent boot camp/training is included in the price of camp and is a valuable supplement to your child’s individualized treatment. Each day while children are eating lunch, parents have the opportunity to practice in a 1.5 hour training session with Dr. Kotrba. You will be taught strategies to successfully decrease your child’s anxiety and increase his or her verbal communication. While attendance at training is not required, it is strongly recommended and highly beneficial for camper’s parents.

What is parent boot camp/training?

While siblings cannot attend CKC camp activities throughout the day, free babysitting services are offered during the parent boot camp/training! Siblings can be in the parent boot camp sessions with you, but parents often find this to be distracting. The babysitting option provides a location down the hall where you can drop off children during these meetings. 

Can we bring siblings to CKC?

If cancellation occurs before July 1st, 75% of the overall cost of camp will be returned. If cancellation occurs from July 1st to July 15th, 50% of the overall cost of camp will be returned. If cancellation occurs after July 15th, no reimbursement will be given for cancellation. 

What is your cancellation policy?

Brighton Location

Shepherd of the Lakes
2101 South Hacker Road
Brighton, Michigan 48114

Hotels and Resturants

Mi Zarape
101 Brookside Ln.
Brighton, MI 48116
Hours: 11am-10pm
P: (810) 229-3121
Distance from Shepherd of the Lakes: 2.3 Miles
MOD Pizza
8605 Grand River Ave.
Brighton, MI 48116
Hours: 10:30am-10pm
P: (517) 586-0345
Distance from Shepherd of the Lakes: 2.2 Miles
Pi's Asian Cuisine
8262 Cross St.
Brighton, MI 48116
Hours: 11am-9pm
P: (810) 220-8181
Distance from Shepherd of the Lakes: 2.6 Miles
The Wooden Spoon
675 W Grand River Ave.
Brighton, MI 48116
Hours: 11am-9pm
P: (810) 588-4386
Distance from Shepherd of the Lakes: 2.7 Miles
The Breakfast Club
676 W Grand River Ave.
Brighton, MI 48116
Hours: 7am-2pm
P: (810) 229-8877
Distance from Shepherd of the Lakes: 2.7 Miles
Brighton Bar and Grill
400 W Main St.
Brighton, MI 48116
Hours: 11am-10pm
P: (810) 229-4115
Distance from Shepherd of the Lakes: 3.2 Miles
Sagano Japanese Bistro & Steakhouse

312 W Main St.
Brighton, MI 48116
Hours: 5pm-9:30pm
P: (810) 220-2800
Distance from Shepherd of the Lakes: 3.3 Miles

Zap Zone
6995 Grand River Ave.
Brighton, MI 48114
Hours: 4pm-9pm
P: (810) 227-2010
MJR Town Square Digital Cinema
8200 Murphy Dr.
Brighton, MI 48116
Hours: See website for show times
P: (810) 227-4700
Island Lake State Recreation Area
12950 E. Grand River Avenue
Brighton, MI 48116
P: (810) 229-7067
Skyzone Trampoline Park
8151 Movie Dr.
Brighton, MI 48116-7444
Hours: 4pm-8pm

**For more local hotels, eateries, and entertainment visit

Local Hotels

Woodland Lake Motel  

8029 Grand River Ave.
Brighton, MI 48114        
P: (810) 229-7093
Distance from Shepherd of the Lakes: 1 mile 

Courtyard Detroit Brighton         
7799 Conference Center Dr.
Brighton, MI 48114         
P: (810) 225-9200             
$144 per night (approximately)
Distance from Shepherd of the Lakes: 1.9 miles
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Brighton
8285 Movie Dr.
Brighton, MI 48116         
P: (810) 225-4300             
$117 per night (approximately)
Distance from Shepherd of the Lakes: 2.4 miles

Hampton by Hilton       
use code for discount: 
8068 Challis Road                              
Brighton, MI 48116                              
+1 810.225.8363     Office                
+1 810.225.8366     Fax                     
Homewood Suites by Hilton Brighton (Use code TMB) use link for discount:

8060 Challis Rd.
Brighton, MI 48116
P: (810) 225-0200             
$199 per night (approximately)
Distance from Shepherd of the Lakes: 2.2 miles 
Best Western of Hartland            
10087 M-59
Hartland, MI 48353
P: (810) 632-7177             
$89 per night (approximately)   
Distance from Shepherd of the Lakes: 6.3 miles  
Waldenwoods Resort and Conference
2975 Old US Hwy 23
Howell, MI 48843            
P: (810) 632-6400

Nearby Restaurants and Entertainment

Honto Chinese Cuisine
8028 Grand River Ave.
Brighton, MI 48114
Hours: 11am-9pm
P: (810) 227-3333
Distance from Shepherd of the Lakes:1 Mile
Outback Steakhouse
7873 Conference Center Dr. Brighton, MI 48114
Hours: 11am-10pm
P: (810) 225-2109
Distance from Shepherd of the Lakes: 1.8 Miles
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store
7925 Conference Center Dr. Brighton, MI 48114
Hours: 6am-10pm
P: (810) 220-4977
Distance from Shepherd of the Lakes: 1.8 Miles
7491 Grand River Ave.
Brighton, MI 48114
Hours: 7am-11pm
P: (810) 225-9775
Distance from Shepherd of the Lakes: 1.1 Miles
Rage Pizza
8023 Grand River Ave #100
Brighton, MI 48114
Hours: 11am-10pm
P: (810) 522-5600
Distance from Shepherd of the Lakes: 1 mile
Grand River Grill
2394 Genoa Business Park Dr. Brighton, MI 48114
Hours: 7am-8pm
P: (810) 225-8553
Distance from Shepherd of the Lakes: 1.2 Miles
Corner Bistro
2305 Genoa Business Park Dr. #150 Brighton, MI 48114
Hours: 7am-5pm
P: (810) 225-3663
Distance from Shepherd of the Lakes: 1.3 Miles
8071 Challis Rd.
Brighton, MI 48116
Hours: 11am-11pm
P: (810) 229-8338
Distance from Shepherd of the Lakes: 2.2 Miles

Big Boy
8510 Grand River Ave.
Brighton, MI 48116
Hours: 7am-10pm
P: (810) 360-0133
Distance from Shepherd of the Lakes: 2 Miles