Thriving Minds Offers Psychological Evaluation for Children and Adults With:

  1. Autism Spectrum Disorders (Autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, and Aspergers Disorder)

  2. Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

  3. Dyslexia

  4. Disorder of Written Expression

  5. Mathematics Disorder

  6. Reading Disorder

  7. Nonverbal Learning Disorder

  8. Executive Functioning Delays

  9. Receptive or Expressive Language Delays

  10. Developmental Disorders or Delays


Psychological assessments include the following components:

Children are often referred by their medical providers, school, parent/guardian, or other child specialist for a comprehensive psychological evaluation.  Our evaluations include:  

1. Initial Clinical Interview:

This session consists of obtaining background information, including a detailed educational, medical, and psychological history.  Present concerns will be examined in depth to determine if testing is indicated and, if so, we will explain the appropriate tests to be administered.

2. Psychological Testing:

Psychological testing can consist of intelligence testing, educational testing, personality testing, adaptive behavioral assessment, and social communicative ability assessment.  

This process generally lasts 4-8 hours, and is separated into two to three different testing sessions.  Furthermore, we will consider any past assessments, medical records, school performance (utilizing past report cards), and obtain (with your approval) teacher ratings and comments concerning academic performance and behavior.

3. Feedback Session:

This final conference will consist of reviewing and discussing test results and recommendations.  Individuals and families will leave this session with a “game plan” on how to proceed forward with success and an extensive and descriptive written report.


Initial Clinical Interview: $275-$300 before insurance

Psychological Assessment: costs vary by individual need

Feedback Session: $170 before insurance

IEE (Independent Educational Evaluation):


A parent or school district can request an Independent Educational Evaluation in which one of our psychologists conducts an evaluation to answer a specific referral question.

The IEE is conducted like a traditional psychological evaluation, however, the school district typically pays for these evaluations.